Meredith Anderson, Product Developer at Truitt Brothers, Inc.Liam Wustenberg
MS 2011, Food Science
Quality Assurance Manager
Rogue Creamery

I manage Quality Assurance at the Rogue Creamery. My role includes facilitating audits, inspections, and third party certifications as well as seeing to the quality of everyday blue cheese and semi-hard cheese production here at Rogue Creamery. We currently process between 10,000 and 20,000lbs of cow’s milk per day and approximately 1000-2000lbs of goat’s milk per week. We make nine different types of blue cheese as well as five types of cheddar and an original alpine inspired semi-hard cheese called Touvelle.

Another part of my job description at Rogue Creamery is managing the capital projects. This task includes working with contractors, engineers and fellow food scientists to complete construction/expansion projects and increase efficiency of our processing while maintaining an award winning product. My current project is focused on renovating our cheese aging caves with new refrigeration and air conditioning systems to further increase consistency in our blue cheeses.