Farm 2 Fork - The benefits of an ecosystem approach for successful change in the food industry

Recording November 18, 2022

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Change affects all of us and the rapid pace of change recently in the food industry has made organizations rethink how they approach successful change leadership. After all, the statistics from the Harvard Business Review continue to paint the bleak picture that over 70% of organizational change fails. The ecosystem model is broader than a collection of your network or a combination of multiple networks. It's an approach that allows the successful change leader to implement change with influence, grace and ease.

Dr. Charlotte Allen

Dr. Charlotte Allen works with STEM functions and organizations to implement successful innovation and change. As the CEO for Rebel Success for Leaders she teaches embracing your unique voice, being heard, learning how to embrace other’s uniqueness, and collaboratively moving forward to something greater than you can accomplish alone.  Charlotte has over 20 years of leadership experience including 16 at Kraft Foods, holds a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, is a nationally renowned keynote speaker, and is the international bestselling author of Rebel Success for Leaders – Lead, Grow and Sell Fearlessly.