Farm 2 Fork - The Energy Efficient Food System


From the farm to the distribution center to the restaurant or grocery market, energy efficiency can plan an important role in an equitable and sustainable food system.

Food processing facilities, grocery stores and restaurants have some of the highest energy demand, per square foot, in Oregon. Saving energy means fresh food on the table, better margins for food-based business and ultimately, lower costs to customers.

Where does energy figure into a sustainable food chain? Crops can be efficiently irrigated to save energy and water, refrigeration systems can be managed to minimize spoilage, and food service equipment can be high-efficiency and well-maintained.

Find out how food producers and retailers can reduce their energy usage and reap other benefits when they use energy efficient equipment and practices in their operations.



Members of Energy Trust's energy efficiency incentive programs will walk with you from farm to fork and beyond: 

Kirstin Pinit, Program Manager​, Production Efficiency
Brad Moore, Program Engineer, Production Efficiency
Kelson Redding, Senior Engineer, Production Efficiency​
Eric Bessel, Energy Advisor, Existing Buildings

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Energy Trust services, cash incentives and energy solutions have helped participating customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista save $3.4 billion on energy bills.

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