Farm 2 Fork - Grape Smoke Exposure Impacts to Wine Quality

WEBINAR RECORDING  October 15, 2021

In recent years, the grape and wine industry in the western United States has repeatedly experienced smoke exposure from wildfires that have resulted in wines with altered quality due to smoke.

There are examples of smoke effected wines from at least six of the past ten vintages from California, Oregon and Washington.

In most years where smoke exposure has occurred, the impact is regional, affecting primarily vineyards near the fires, but there are also instances in which the atmospheric conditions result in smoke from distant fires being carried to grape production areas. Both of these types of smoke exposure have resulted in negative impacts to wine quality.

This webinar discussion will take listeners through how smoke exposure alters wine quality and the current research that is being done to provide solutions to the grape and wine industry.


Dr. Elizabeth Tomasino is an Associate Professor and Sensory Analyst with Oregon State University, Department of Food Science and Technology.

Dr. Tomasino specializes in wine sensory, wine flavor and mouthfeel chemistry.