Farm 2 Fork - How Dulse and Other Seaweeds Will Shape the Future of Food

WEBINAR RECORDING  January 21, 2022

As the world population and wealth grow, demand for protein will reach unprecedented levels.

The current production of proteins contributes considerably to greenhouse gas emissions so new sources of lower impact proteins will increase.

This presents a huge opportunity for developing new products from seaweed, which has a significantly lower carbon footprint and huge potential for creating a more efficient supply chain, healthier products that not only can feed the world, but heal it as well.

This webinar will examine the potential of on-land seaweed aquaculture, which Oregon State University has long been a pioneer.

Charles Toombs is the CEO/Founder of Oregon Dulse.

Oregon dulse operates the largest on-land seaweed farm in the United States. We grow dulse, a seaweed that is high in protein and is very appealing as a fresh, negative footprint protein.

We have two farms, one in Bandon, and our newest farm in Garibaldi, Oregon. We extract very functional proteins, and sell our dulse fresh through foodservice distributors to restaurants all over the United States.

Chuck has an MBA from the University of Chicago specializing in marketing and has a deep background in sales & marketing. Chuck is also on the faculty of the Oregon State University College of Business.