Farm 2 Fork - Sensory Science- Where Does it Fit and How Do I Use It?

RECORDING  October 21, 2022

Sensory Science is the secret weapon that helps products developers and their non-technical counterparts create and maintain products that meet consumer desires. In this webinar, Lori will share the basics of how Sensory Science fits into the world of Food Science and into the broader world of New Product Introduction and Existing Product Maintenance. Lori will discuss how companies of all sizes can strategically incorporate Sensory Science tools as they move from ‘scrappy’ to ‘systematized’ without getting bogged down in PROCESS.

Lori Rothman, M.S., CFS, is Food Scientist and an experienced professional in the areas of Consumer Science and Sensory Evaluation, specializing in consumer products and packaging. She is known for leveraging consumer and sensory insights to drive product innovation and business growth. Her experience includes strategy development, department creation and staffing, sensory facility/infrastructure, cross-functional and cross-country relationship building, budgeting, and delivering business relevant results.

Lori leads Lori Rothman Consulting, LLC, where she helps companies develop consumer-preferred products and packages. She has a B.S. from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and a M.S. from the University of California, Davis in Food Science. Lori is also an adjunct instructor in Sensory Evaluation at Dominican University, River Forest, IL.