Webinar Recording September 18, 2020
The US dairy industry has ambitious goals focused on:
  • Limiting carbon footprint
  • Minimizing water usage
  • Decreasing the land needed to produce milk and dairy products

Oregon is a leader in this effort with several local companies receiving national sustainability awards. Researchers at OSU support this effort.

This presentation will introduce OSU researchers and their work to supports sustainable dairy processing.

Projects include:

  • Feeding of flax to reduce methane release from dairy cows
  • Converting spent hemp biomass to high value feed
  • Converting whey to vodka
  • Developing natural antifungal ingredients for cheese
  • Understanding consumers’ expectation to clean labeling of dairy foods

Lisbeth Goddik serves as Department Head for the OSU Food Science & Technology Department. She is the Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot Professor and the Jacobs-Root Professor.

Previously to this role, she worked for 20 years as the OSU Dairy Foods Extension Specialist and conducted research with a focus on sustainable dairy processing.

Prior to arriving at OSU, Lisbeth worked in the dairy industry in Denmark and France.