FST Advisory Board Vision

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Vision of FST Advisory Board for Food Science and Technology

Advisory Board Responsibilities

The Advisory Board shall be advocates of the Department of Food Science & Technology; voices on and off campus. The Advisory Board shall give advice and provide strategic direction in the following areas:


Program Development
  • Advise the Department Head on potential opportunities that the Department might pursue to better serve the people of the State of Oregon and the Nation, as a center of excellence in Fermentation, Food Safety and Quality, Sustainable Food Processing & Product Innovation.
  • Advise the Department Head on emerging issues affecting the food industry in food science, food technology or agriculture. Help maintain program relevance to industry stakeholders.
  • Advise the Department Head on the development and direction of the program in research, teaching or outreach/extension as conducted by the department faculty/staff and/or students.
  • Advise and support the Department Head on the development and/or expansion of programs such as:
    1. Undergraduate internships, research and work opportunities
    2. International experiences for students and faculty
    3. Recruitment, retention and education of new students, with attention given to diversity and inclusion
    4. Full-time employment at all degree levels
    5. On-line learning, workforce development and certificate programs
    6. Beaver Classic Program
    7. Career Fairs
    8. Other collaborations
  • Provide support and assistance for improving and expanding student activities such as:
    1. The Food and Fermentation Science Club
    2. Beaver Classic Program
    3. IFT Product Development Competition
    4. IFT College Bowl Competition
    5. OSU Business & Food Science Departments Student Competitions
  • Establish strong brand strategy and messaging platform for the Department and work to build meaningful and expansive communications with prospective students, alumni, the food industry, government and academia.
  • Work with the Department in cultivating strong connections with and between the department faculty, the college and university administration, and local, state and federal government.
  • Advance alumni support and involvement to build connections and further the Department’s pursuit of excellence.
  • Build awareness and knowledge of the Department with the food industry, including the Departmental goals, strengths and accomplishments, and support efforts to forge and strengthen these connections.
  • Provide support and assistance in developing Department symposia/conferences of interest to the food industry, government and academia.
Financial Development
  • Work with the Department Head, College of Agricultural Sciences and the OSU Foundation to support, develop and pursue avenues for increased department funding with current and potential donors for:
    1. Special programs in the pursuit of academic excellence.
    2. Facilities renovations & equipment
    3. New-hire, junior professor start-up funds
    4. Endowed professorships
  • Advise and support the Department Head and faculty on opportunities in and expansion of grant writing and grant-funded research.