Pilot Food Processing Plant

Food Pilot Plant

This facility has a long history of supporting research activities, process development, and providing start up services for food processing businesses.


We are a flexible pilot-scale facility with the capabilities to perform various types of unit operations using existing equipment, or by bringing in outside equipment to suit the needs of the project.

Thermal Processing

  • Pressure canning (via still retort)
  • High acid canning (via water bath, batch process)
  • Continuous liquid pasteurization
  • Continuous steam blanching
  • Batch tunnel pasteurization


  • Controlled temperature and humidity dehydration
  • Freeze drying


  • IQF - Individually quick freezing (via forced air or liquid nitrogen injection)

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

  • Washing, sorting, cutting
  • Juice production
  • Temperature controlled fermentation (fermented pickling)

Beverage Processing

  • Production and packaging of most beverage types
    • Carbonated beverages
    • Vinegar drinks
    • Cold brew coffee
    • Protein beverages


Listed fees are per 8 hour shift unless otherwise noted

  • Retail production - $900
  • Non-retail processing - $800
  • Basic equipment use - $240
  • Cabinet dryer - $300/batch
  • Freeze dryer - $400/batch
  • Product development/Consultation - $110/hr

Contact Information

For project inquiries or more information about equipment or capabilities please contact:

Zak Wiegand, Pilot Plant Manager
Phone: 541.737.8481
Email: zak.wiegand@oregonstate.edu


Student Involvement

Are you a student?

Are you interested in gaining experience working in a manufacturing facility?

Do you want to learn about Good Manufacturing Systems, Quality Systems, Food Safety, or what it's really like to wear a hairnet for hours on end while you made amazing products?

Positions in the Food Pilot Plant are often available!

Reach out to Zak via his email, zak.wiegand@oregonstate.edu, or by drop by his office (Rm 124B) or the pilot plant!

Make a Donation!

We continually strive to maintain smooth operations and ensure that our facilities and equipment meet today's needs for research and product development. Donations help up us maintain this standard and are tax deductible!

If you wish to make a donation please contact:

Zak Wiegand, Pilot Plant Manager
email: zak.wiegand@oregonstate.edu
phone: 541.737.8481