OSU Research Winery

The OSU Research Winery is an experiential learning facility that supports enology education, outreach, and research. During the 2018 harvest, the winery processed over 5.5 tons of grapes and 100 gallons of apple juice which supported 15 research projects, an undergraduate wine production course, the student-led Vitis Club, a Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) course, and various industry workshops throughout the year. The winery provides students with the opportunity to develop technical and analytical skills necessary for careers in the wine industry and beyond.

Collaborative Research

The winery supports research across multiple departments on OSU’s campus, including the departments of Food Science, Horticulture, Botany & Plant Pathology, Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, Entomology, and Applied Economics.  In addition, the winery also facilitates research with other agencies such as the USDA-ARS as well as commercial wineries and winery supply companies.  It is part of a multifaceted approach to viticulture and enology research, beginning in the vineyard and culminating in the glass.

Current projects include:
  • Nitrogen supplementation in the vineyard versus the winery: A collaboration between the USDA-ARS, Horticulture department, and FST, this multiyear study focuses on the impacts of nitrogen additions in the vineyard and winery on the chemical and sensory properties of wine.
  • Grape vine red blotch virus: Two projects from this year’s harvest focused on understanding the impact of the virus on wine quality and whether these effects can be mitigated by certain viticulture practices.
  • Commercial R&D studies: The winery is involved in multiple contract projects to test and validate commercial winemaking products.


Hands-on Education

Experiential learning is an essential component of the Enology & Viticulture Food Science degree. The research winery serves as a bridge, connecting classroom theory to tangible, practical applications.

  • FST467- Wine Production, Analysis, & Sensory Evaluation: Each spring, students from FST and Horticulture take part in this wine production course.  Students gain hands-on experience producing wines and discover firsthand the effects of various winemaking practices.
  • Cider & Perry Production – A Foundation: This biannual course is offered through OSU’s PACE program.  All cider and perry fermentations are performed at the winery, where participants learn valuable technical skills fundamental to cider making.