FST Calendar of Events

@ Food Science and Technology



January 21
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar: How Dulse and Other Seaweeds Will Shape The Future of Food



February 18
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar: Are Volatile Thiols the Only Cause of Tropical Fruit Aroma in White Wines?

February 20-23
Pacific Fisheries Technologist Conference - Newport, Oregon

February 23
Multi-State Hatch Project Initiative for Aquatic Foods - Newport, Oregon


MARCH 2022

March 18
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar: The Energy Efficient Food System

March 23-26, 2022
Distillery Startup Workshop

March 28-30
Seafood HACCP Train-the-Trainer, AFDO - Chicago, IL


APRIL 2022

April 12-13
Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI) Annual Conference - Salem, Oregon

April 15
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar: The Future of Hemp Utilization and its Role in the Food Industry

April 18-26: Seafood HACCP Segment 2, JIFSAN

April 18-19 - Mumbai, India
April 21-22 - Kochi, India
April 25-26 - Kochi, India

April 19
FST Career Fair

April 26
OWRI Grape Day 2022

April 27
Sustainable Food Manufacturing Forum - Corvallis, Oregon


MAY 2022

May 20

FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar: Reducing Waste in Food and Packaging: Current Programs at the Oregon DEQ

May 16 - June 19, 2022 - online course
Beer Quality and Analysis Series

JUNE 2022

June 2
Taste of Research

June 20 - June24, 2022 - on campus lab
Beer Quality and Analysis Series


JULY 2022

July 19-21
FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course (PCQI Training)

Information and registration: https://pcqi-fic-july2022.eventbrite.com





September 14-17  (Wed - Sat)
Distillery Startup Workshop

September 16 (Friday)
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar
:  Future protein production: The economic and environmental challenges of scaling cellular agriculture



October 21
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar:  Sensory Science - Where Does It Fit and How Do I Use It?   



November 8
OSIFT Monthly Meeting:  Careers in Food Science, Lisbeth Goddik and Sue Queisser

November 9-10
3rd Annual Ice Cream Tech Conference

November 18
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar:   The benefits of an ecosystem approach for successful change in the food industry



December 2nd, 3rd, and 10th
PACE Course: Experience Wine: A Champagne Evening

December 16
FST Farm 2 Fork Webinar:   Food Systems Transfromation Requires Futures Thinking