Faculty and Research Advisors

Our research programs have impacts on multiple levels...

FST Faculty conduct relevant and impactful basic and applied research that proactively address challenges important to Oregon and the world.

Undergraduate and graduate students participate alongside faculty who are leaders in their field on research that advances understanding in the food sciences.



Zeynep Atamer, Assistant Professor Senior Research | zeynep.atamer@oregonstate.edu


Cole Cerrato, Assistant Professor Senior Research | cole.cerrato@oregonstate.edu


Sheri Cole, Assistant Professor of Practice | sheri.cole@oregonstate.edu
Food Science and Technology Work Force Training and Dairy Extension.


Chris Curtin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wiegand Hall | christopher.curtin@oregonstate.edu
Fermentation microbiology with an emphasis on brewing yeast and microbial ecology of beer production; development of new yeast strains, biology of Brettanomyces species, and the application of genomic techniques in food science.


David Dallas, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Associate Professor, Milam Hall | dave.dallas@oregonstate.edu | The Dallas lab examines human milk and dairy bioactives, particularly milk proteins and how they are digested in humans (both infant and adult). We examine the degradation of proteins and the release of bioactive peptides via liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry-based peptidomics and proteomics. We examine milk peptide-protein function via antimicrobial, antiviral, bacterial growth and immunomodulation assays.

Dallas Lab


Christina DeWitt, Ph.D., Professor, Director Astoria Seafood Lab | christina.dewitt@oregonstate.edu
Focus is on efforts to improve seafood quality and safety and enhance utilization of by-products generated from seafood processing.


Lisbeth M. Goddik, Ph.D., Department Head, Professor, Wiegand Hall | lisbeth.goddik@oregonstate.edu
Extension Dairy Processing Specialist; Extension dairy processing; dairy products safety; product and process development; optimization of product quality.


Paul Hughes, Ph.D., MBA, Assistant Professor, Wiegand Hall | paul.hughes@oregonstate.edu
Beer and distilled spirit quality (taste, visual) and product stability, distilled spirits innovation including alternative methods of ethanol-water separation, accelerated- and photo-maturation of distilled spirits, and the application of ab initio computational chemistry and kinetic modeling to beer and distilled spirits problems.

Jooyeoun Jung, Assistant Professor (Sr. Res) | jooyeoun.jung@oregonstate.edu


Jovana Kovacevic, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Food Innovation Center | jovana.kovacevic@oregonstate.edu | Application of molecular methods and genomics in food safety; methods and tools to improve pathogen tracing of contamination events in the farm-to-fork food chain; stress response mechanisms, survival, and prevention of Listeria monocytogenes contamination in food processing environments.

Kovacevic Lab

Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety


Jung Kwon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Wiegand Hall | jung.kwon@oregonstate.edu
Biological functions of natural dietary molecules derived from marine resources in health promotion and disease prevention; uncovering potential health value of seafood materials and underutilized aquatic resources to promote efficient utilization of the harvested resources.

Nutritional Pharmacology Lab


Juyun Lim, Ph.D., Professor, Wiegand Hall | juyun.lim@oregonstate.edu
Sensory science with emphasis on sensory perception and sensory methodology. Current research focusing on understanding the role of human sensory perception in food preference. Developing sensory and consumer testing methodology.

Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research


Robert J. McGorrin, Ph.D., Professor, Wiegand Hall | robert.mcgorrin@oregonstate.edu
Flavor chemistry and trace volatile analysis, flavor interactions with food components, food analysis, chromatography and separations, spectrometry, and natural products chemistry.


James P. Osborne, Ph.D., Professor, Director, Oregon Wine Research Institute, Wiegand Hall | james.osborne@oregonstate.edu
Wine microbiology with emphasis on malolactic fermentation and the microbial spoilage of wine. Influence of various wine microorganisms on wine quality.


Si Hong Park, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wiegand Hall | sihong.park@oregonstate.edu
Detection, identification and control of foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli from farms to forks using various molecular techniques.


Michael H. Penner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wiegand Hall | mike.penner@oregonstate.edu
Bio-based processes for the conversion of plant-derived biomass to fermentable sugars for bioproduct and biofuel production; mechanisms dictating rates of plant-derived biomass biodegradation; analytical approaches for the characterization of plant-derived biomass.


Michael Qian, Ph.D., Professor, Wiegand Hall | michael.qian@oregonstate.edu
Flavor Chemistry,  Food Analysis, and Dairy chemistry. characterization of aroma compounds, chemical and biological generation in dairy, small fruits and wines. Instrumental analysis of food components.


Andrew S. Ross, Ph.D., Professor; Crop Science (split appointment) | andrew.ross@oregonstate.edu | Fundamental and applied research of cereal grain components, wheat-based foods (focused on food barley, noodles, and artisan breads), and bio-products from cereal grain fractions. Located in the OSU Cereal Breeding & Cereal Genetics Program in the Crop and Soil Science Department.


Neil Shay, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Wiegand Hall | neil.shay@oregonstate.edu
Bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables that impact human metabolism and disease conditions including atherosclerosis, obesity, and diabetes; investigations on the health benefits of grape and wine consumption; studies include the ability of bioactive compounds to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Tom H. Shellhammer, Ph.D., Professor, Wiegand Hall | tom.shellhammer@oregonstate.edu
Brewing science and technologies related to beer production and quality, in particular hop chemistry, flavor and quality.


Dave Stone, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean of Inernational Programs | dave.stone@oregonstate.edu | Food safety and public health, development of value-added products in agriculture, engagement with under-represented communities in the food sector, and assessment of biotoxins and metals in marine and freshwater organisms. pathogens, and process validation and surrogate development.


Elizabeth Tomasino, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wiegand Hall | elizabeth.tomasino@oregonstate.edu | Relationships between wine sensory and chemical data; determination and importance of chiral aroma compounds in wine; differentiation of regional wine styles.


Joy Waite-Cusic, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wiegand Hall | joy.waite-cusic@oregonstate.edu
Food microbiology with food safety emphasis; specifically interested in pathogen prevalence studies and risk assessment, method development and validation for detection of pathogens, and process validation and surrogate development.

Waite-Cusic Lab

Qingyang Carly Wang, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist | qingyang.wang@oregonstate.edu
Dr. Wang's work focuses on developing interdisciplinary strategies to help the fruits and vegetable industry address challenges in sustainable processing and manufacturing. She is interested in using novel technologies to improve food safety and quality, reduce waste and contamination, and conserve natural resources. Her previous work includes non-thermal technologies such as cold atmospheric pressure plasma and UV for food and contact surface decontamination, novel sanitizers as chlorine alternatives, plasma technology to enhance hydroponic plant growth, and photodynamic techniques to improve food safety. 


Yanyun Zhao, Ph.D., Professor and CAS Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Wiegand Hall | yanyun.zhao@oregonstate.edu
Development and characterization of new food processing and packaging techniques with emphasis on their applications in value-added fruit and vegetable product development.

Zhao Research Lab

Value-Added Food Product Development