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When you make a gift to Food Science and Technology
you become of a member of an enthusiastic community
of donors whose investments are allowing the department
to increase its impact throughout Oregon and beyond.

The department of Food Science and Technology is 100 years strong! Help us as we launch a new era of progress, research, and development. Your investment will be put to use to enhance Wiegand Hall, the home of Food Science and Technology, and create a vibrant and outstanding research and educational experience for students, faculty and staff.

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Invest in the Remodel of Wiegand Hall

The Department has identified and prioritized opportunities to transform Wiegand Hall into a spectacular learning and research environment, in and out of the classroom and laboratory. The first wave of prioritized projects:

  • Student Areas: update and modernize undergraduate and graduate student areas including the student lounge and graduate student office spaces.
  • Commercial Kitchen: convert the pilot plant lab (Rm 118) into a commercial kitchen. Local industry partners and business have need for services that FST can provide through a commercial kitchen. This also becomes a learning tool for many FST courses. Invest in Wiegand Hall Invest in FST Students
  • Food Laboratory: convert Room 116 into a food laboratory in support of FST coursework. Current Wiegand laboratories are too small and do not allow for larger classroom experimentation and participation.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Plant: convert room 8 into a fruit and vegetable pilot plant. The current pilot plant has reduced in size due to the successful brewing and fermentation program. The fruit and vegetable pilot plant supports Oregon growers with testing and research services.
  • Update Faculty Research Laboratories: provide much needed renovations to lab spaces. Current facilities are not sustainable due to failing and faulty infrastructure.
  • Wiegand Hall Entrance: provide a much needed face lift to the lobby of Wiegand Hall making the entrance to FST inviting and attractive.
  • RAISE THE ROOF: add a 3rd floor to Wiegand Hall! This will allow for the additional faculty members in the department and expansion of current faculty labs.

Please make the following selections to direct your gift to the Wiegand Hall Remodel fund:

  • Choose College of Agricultural Sciences (in the "Direct my gift to a specific OSU college or campus" field)
  • Type in Wiegand Hall remodel (in the "Don't see the area you'd like to support" field)

Invest in Wiegand Hall

Invest in FST Students

Support our amazing students through donations to scholarships. By making a gift for scholarships, you can help someone achieve the dream of a college education.

This support is very important and appreciated, particularly for first-generation college students, and those with financial needs.

OSU’s graduates are the university’s most important contribution to the future, and we have a deep commitment to help students succeed regardless of their financial circumstances.

You can invest in our future by donating to an established scholarship/endowment, see our list of scholarships below, or establish your own scholarship endowment. With your own endowment, you can name the scholarship and you can set the criteria for selection of your scholarship recipients in collaboration with the FST Scholarship Committee. You will get to meet your scholarship recipients each year at the scholarship reception. This scholarship will also continue to support students in perpetuity.

Endowed Scholarships

For information about FST's endowed scholarships, please contact: Dr. Lisbeth Goddik, Interim Department Head | 541.737.8322

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Alumni Scholarship Endowment

Contributions are made by alumni and friends of the Department of Food Science and Technology. This endowment supports scholarships for undergraduate FST students.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Arbuthnot Success Fund

This endowment supports students in the program experiencing severe financial need, allowing them to successfully graduate and become productive food science professionals.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

General Food Science Scholarship Endowment

Awarded to students based on academic achievement, professional development, and financial need. Recipients receive $1000 per academic year.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Heart of the Valley Scholarship Endowment

Supports students studying Fermentation Science. Recipients receive $1000 per academic year.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Mina McDaniels Scholarhip Endowment

Supports and promotes undergraduate research in sensory sciences. The recipient will pursue a research project while supervised by a FST professor. Recipients receive student wages for five hours per week for the course of 20 weeks.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Richard Scanlan Scholarship Endowment

Supports undergraduate FST students who have an interest in research. Recipients receive $1000 per academic year. Student must identify a FST professor to supervise their project.

Department of Food Science & Technology -

Ronald Wrolstad Food Chemistry Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship provides support for one student who has junior, senior, or graduate status and demonstrates a strong interest in food chemistry while earning a B+ or better academic standing in chemistry coursework. Recipients receive $750-$1000 per academic year.

Initiative to Advance Dairy Processing in the Pacific Northwest

Learn more about this exciting initiative and the furture of dairy processing at Oregon State University and the Northwest.

For more information contact: Dr. Lisbeth Goddik, Interim Department Head | 541.737.8322

Invest in the Initiative to Advance Dairy Processing in the Pacific Northwest

In addition to gifts of cash, donors can design a personal giving plan that combines the right asset with the right gift
vehicle to meet their giving needs. Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, gift annuities, and other gift vehicles and
can be funded with many different types of assets, including securities, real estate, CDs, and retirement assets. Contact
our Gift Planning Office to learn more.