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Oregon State University's College of Agricultural Sciences Names Dr. Yanyun Zhao Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

A long-term faculty member in the College, Yanyun has most recently served as a Professor and Value-Added Food Product Specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Renowned internationally for her work in sustainable food packaging and the reduction of food waste, Zhao holds a Ph.D. in Food Engineering from Louisiana State University and an M.S. in Heat and Mass Transfer from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China.

“We are extremely pleased that Dr. Zhao will be stepping into this important role on the leadership team for the College,” said Dr. Alan Sams, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Director of the Agriculture Experiment Station. “Her proven commitment to the success of this institution, her ability to mentor peers across all segments of their career and her dedication to advancing inclusive opportunities for current and prospective faculty makes her an invaluable addition to the future of the College.” 


Image of Dr. Yanyun Zhao, recently appointed CAS Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

FST at the Beaver Community Fair

October 1, 2021

Faculty, staff and student ambassadors from Food Science and Technology joined the many vendors of the Beaver Community Fair October 1st to connect with OSU students and community.

The annual Beaver Community Fair draws together the OSU and greater Corvallis communities to celebrate the start of the academic year.

There were over 200 different booths representing OSU departments & student organizations, Corvallis community agencies & businesses and local non-profit organizations that came together to make visible the opportunity to connect with services, products and involvement opportunities on campus and around the area.

Food for People Who Can't Swallow Is the Ultimate Culinary Challenge

Bloomberg Businessweek | July 12, 2021
Maureen O'Hagan

What do you get when a dentist, a chef, and people with dysphagia walk into a lab? Savorease, a self-dissolving cracker that may help millions of people enjoy solid food again.

For the more than 10 million American adults who have trouble swallowing, the average 28,000-product supermarket might as well be a barren wasteland. The typical store stocks just three product lines geared specifically for people with dysphagia, as their condition is known, and they’re all ultrasweet liquid meal replacements: Ensure, Boost, and a generic equivalent.


Image of Savorease crackers

FST Graduate Student Wins IFT Food Packaging Division Poster Competition

Congratulations to Clara Lang for winning first place at the IFT Food Packaging Division poster competition.

The title of her winning poster is "Investigation of Eco-Friendly Chemical Treatments of Apple Pomace for Producing High-Quality Molded Pulp Packaging".

This is the third time an FST student has placed first in the IFT food packaging division poster competition in the past 4 years. Way to go FST!

OSU doctoral student Keisha Harrison holding a kombucha SCOBY

OSU Researchers Begin to Unravel the Mysteries of Kombucha Fermentation

July 15, 2021 | KTVZ news sources

Oregon State University scientists are beginning to unravel the key microorganisms that contribute to the fermentation of kombucha, research that is already aiding large-scale kombucha producers in the fast-growing industry.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has been homebrewed around the world for centuries, but in recent years has become widely popular with a global market size expected to grow from $1.3 billion in 2019 to $8.1 billion by 2027, according to an industry report. Several large producers, including Humm and Brew Dr., are based in Oregon.


Stay at Home Heroes - The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team:

Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

 Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

OWRI Smoke Exposure Team (clockwise, upper left to bottom left): Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

The College of Agricultural Sciences represents a talented, multidisciplinary group of professionals across the entire state of Oregon. During these unpredictable and challenging times, our people continually demonstrate their tenacity, innovation and commitment to our students, our research, and our communities. In recognition of those efforts, we’ve launched the “Stay at Home Hero” award that will honor an individual every week who continually goes above and beyond in serving that commitment.

This week’s Stay at Home Hero consists of another team of dedicated faculty: The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team, including: Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin.

Their enormous efforts to help Oregon’s grape and wine industry following the recent wildfires has been truly heroic. While any actual impact of the smoke exposure is still unknown, the smoke exposure team members have provided critical guidance to growers and wine makers alike.

The two flavor chemists, Michael Qian and Elizabeth Tomasino, immediately halted their research projects and converted their labs to provide industry support by analyzing samples of smoke exposure. They installed new columns, calibrated GCMS units, optimized methods to cut sample analysis time, and developed logistics to receive, measure, analyze, and report results for hundreds of samples.

In addition to industry service work, the entire Smoke Exposure Team collaborated on research that within days went from concept to reality to determine state-wide exposure to smoke. The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team has worked very long hours, 7 days a week, since the fires started. They demonstrate an unmatched dedication to supporting Oregon’s grape and wine industry.

Thank you, OWRI Smoke Exposure Team!

Visit the OWRI website for more updates on the team’s efforts.

OSU researchers studying impact wildfire smoke had on this year's grape harvest

Amber Wilmarth | KPTV | October 20, 2020