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FST Dairy Processing Plant and Food Innovation Center part of $1.58M grant to support diversity and sustainability in agriculture

Oregon agriculture is a $50 billion industry and nearly 14% of Oregonians rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. As a leading economic engine for the state, with communities in every county dependent on agricultural products, the donation of $1.58 million from Northwest Farm Credit Services aims to enhance existing programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University that can have immediate impact on the diversity, innovation and sustainability of the industry.

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Dairy Processing Plant

The College of Agricultural Sciences is home to a major research hub for dairy in the nation, helping to drive innovation that has led to Oregon’s global reputation for high quality dairy products.

A portion of this investment will support the development of a new pilot plant that will be utilized for teaching OSU dairy processing courses, teaching extension courses to dairy industry professionals, serving as a business incubator for dairy entrepreneurs, providing an exceptional facility for research, and as a home for the commercial production of Beaver Classic cheeses by OSU students.

Food Innovation Center

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) in Portland was the nation’s first urban agricultural experiment station. The FIC is a resource for entrepreneurs and business development through client-based product and process development, packaging engineering and shelf-life studies, food safety and consumer sensory testing.

A portion of this investment will support continued advancement of innovation in food, markets and access.

A quick and fun guide to beer by FST Professor Tom Shellhammer, aka "The Hop Guy"

OSU researchers studying impact wildfire smoke had on this year's grape harvest

Amber Wilmarth | KPTV | October 20, 2020

Stay at Home Heroes - The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team:

Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

OWRI Smoke Exposure Team: Clockwise upper left to bottow left: Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

OWRI Smoke Exposure Team (clockwise, upper left to bottom left): Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin

The College of Agricultural Sciences represents a talented, multidisciplinary group of professionals across the entire state of Oregon. During these unpredictable and challenging times, our people continually demonstrate their tenacity, innovation and commitment to our students, our research, and our communities. In recognition of those efforts, we’ve launched the “Stay at Home Hero” award that will honor an individual every week who continually goes above and beyond in serving that commitment.

This week’s Stay at Home Hero consists of another team of dedicated faculty: The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team, including: Michael Qian, James Osborne, Elizabeth Tomasino, Patty Skinkis, and Alec Levin.

Their enormous efforts to help Oregon’s grape and wine industry following the recent wildfires has been truly heroic. While any actual impact of the smoke exposure is still unknown, the smoke exposure team members have provided critical guidance to growers and wine makers alike.

The two flavor chemists, Michael Qian and Elizabeth Tomasino, immediately halted their research projects and converted their labs to provide industry support by analyzing samples of smoke exposure. They installed new columns, calibrated GCMS units, optimized methods to cut sample analysis time, and developed logistics to receive, measure, analyze, and report results for hundreds of samples.

In addition to industry service work, the entire Smoke Exposure Team collaborated on research that within days went from concept to reality to determine state-wide exposure to smoke. The OWRI Smoke Exposure Team has worked very long hours, 7 days a week, since the fires started. They demonstrate an unmatched dedication to supporting Oregon’s grape and wine industry.

Thank you, OWRI Smoke Exposure Team!

Visit the OWRI website for more updates on the team’s efforts.

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