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2022 FST Graduation Ceremony

The FST graduates enjoyed a ceremony that began with a motivational address by Sarah Beaubien, Sustainability Impact Director at Cliff Bar and FST Advisory Board Member.

The address was followed by a rollcall of graduating seniors and graduate students and presentation of the FST awards for: Outstanding Senior - Alyssa Thibodeau; Outstanding Teaching Assistant - Bryan Gaspich; Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant - Alexia Pullicin.  Following the ceremony, graduates and their families/friends enjoyed a Beaver Classic ice cream social in the pilot plant.  Congratulations to all of our graduates and award winners.

Oregon State researchers makes key advance in turning apple waste into packaging material

Dr. Yanyun Zhao leads a research team focusing on sustainable food packaging and processing.  She has studied apple pomace and other byproducts from processing fruit and vegetable juice and winemaking as an alternative for recycled newspaper in molded pulp manufacturing.
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Oregon State University's College of Agricultural Sciences Names Dr. Yanyun Zhao Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

A long-term faculty member in the College, Yanyun has most recently served as a Professor and Value-Added Food Product Specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Renowned internationally for her work in sustainable food packaging and the reduction of food waste, Zhao holds a Ph.D. in Food Engineering from Louisiana State University and an M.S. in Heat and Mass Transfer from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China.

“We are extremely pleased that Dr. Zhao will be stepping into this important role on the leadership team for the College,” said Dr. Alan Sams, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Director of the Agriculture Experiment Station. “Her proven commitment to the success of this institution, her ability to mentor peers across all segments of their career and her dedication to advancing inclusive opportunities for current and prospective faculty makes her an invaluable addition to the future of the College.” 


Following a competitive internal search, the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University has named Dr. Yanyun Zhao its newest Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. She replaces Dr. Dan Edge who served in that role prior to his retirement at the end of 2021.

FST Students Make Pink Potato Chips

Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences partners with scientists across the region at peer institutions, the USDA and the Oregon Potato Commission to develop more than 40 potato varieties.

Sagar Sathuvalli, based in OSU's Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center, led the effort to create this pink potato known as the TerraRossa. It was developed as part of the Tri-State Potato Variety Development Program.

For more information on the limited edition Beaver Classic™ pink potato chips contact Zak Wiegand.

Food Science and Technology students transformed the TerraRossa potatoes into the delicious limited edition Beaver Classic™ chips. These limited edition potato chips are made in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

FST at the Beaver Community Fair

October 1, 2021

Faculty, staff and student ambassadors from Food Science and Technology joined the many vendors of the Beaver Community Fair October 1st to connect with OSU students and community.

The annual Beaver Community Fair draws together the OSU and greater Corvallis communities to celebrate the start of the academic year.

There were over 200 different booths representing OSU departments & student organizations, Corvallis community agencies & businesses and local non-profit organizations that came together to make visible the opportunity to connect with services, products and involvement opportunities on campus and around the area.

Food for People Who Can't Swallow Is the Ultimate Culinary Challenge

Bloomberg Businessweek | July 12, 2021
Maureen O'Hagan

What do you get when a dentist, a chef, and people with dysphagia walk into a lab? Savorease, a self-dissolving cracker that may help millions of people enjoy solid food again.

For the more than 10 million American adults who have trouble swallowing, the average 28,000-product supermarket might as well be a barren wasteland. The typical store stocks just three product lines geared specifically for people with dysphagia, as their condition is known, and they’re all ultrasweet liquid meal replacements: Ensure, Boost, and a generic equivalent.


Barewal says the science behind Savorease could be used to make tortilla chips, popcorn, or cinnamon toast. Photographer: Holly Andres for Bloomberg Businessweek

Dairy processors that focus on sustainability are in a position to reduce activity at wastewater treatment facilities.


Sustainability Enters the Dairy Supply Chain Spotlight

Dairy Foods | July 8, 2021 | Richard Mitchell

Taking steps to manage sustainability along the supply chain makes good business sense for dairy processors. Indeed, 2018 research by The Nielsen Co. LLC, New York, reveals that 81% of global consumers and 69% of those in the United States say that it’s very important or extremely important that companies implement programs to help the environment.

“Consumers are exerting pressure on dairy companies to embrace sustainability in their values, product offerings, and practices,” says Sheri Cole, assistant professor of practice — dairy extension and sustainable food manufacturing at Oregon State University in Corvallis.


OSU to Build New $20 Million Dairy Processing Facility

Sierra Dawn McClain | Capital Press | June 8, 2021

Oregon State University announced Tuesday it will build a new $20 million dairy processing facility using private investments, state bonds and university funding.

The new, 3,000-square-foot dairy plant — three times the size of OSU’s existing facilities — will be used as a research laboratory and hands-on classroom for students and faculty, an educational space for the community, an incubator for dairy startups, a space where creameries statewide can test new products and a retail shop selling products such as ice cream made on site.

“I’m thrilled. It’s truly a dream come true,” said Lisbeth Goddik, head of OSU’s Department of Food Science and Technology. “We’ve wanted to provide the very best educational opportunities for our students, and this will allow us to do that. I think it’ll also have a really broad impact on our industry, because it’ll make it faster and cheaper to develop new products.”



FST Dairy Processing Plant and Food Innovation Center part of $1.58M grant to support diversity and sustainability in agriculture

Oregon agriculture is a $50 billion industry and nearly 14% of Oregonians rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. As a leading economic engine for the state, with communities in every county dependent on agricultural products, the donation of $1.58 million from Northwest Farm Credit Services aims to enhance existing programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University that can have immediate impact on the diversity, innovation and sustainability of the industry.


Dairy Processing Plant

The College of Agricultural Sciences is home to a major research hub for dairy in the nation, helping to drive innovation that has led to Oregon’s global reputation for high quality dairy products.

A portion of this investment will support the development of a new pilot plant that will be utilized for teaching OSU dairy processing courses, teaching extension courses to dairy industry professionals, serving as a business incubator for dairy entrepreneurs, providing an exceptional facility for research, and as a home for the commercial production of Beaver Classic cheeses by OSU students.

Food Innovation Center

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) in Portland was the nation’s first urban agricultural experiment station. The FIC is a resource for entrepreneurs and business development through client-based product and process development, packaging engineering and shelf-life studies, food safety and consumer sensory testing.

A portion of this investment will support continued advancement of innovation in food, markets and access.

A quick and fun guide to beer by FST Professor Tom Shellhammer, aka "The Hop Guy"