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Jar of homemade kambucha. (iStock)

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What you need to know about kombucha, the healthy fermented tea drink

Kombucha has a long history, reportedly dating back to ancient China in 200 B.C., but the first commercially available kombucha didn’t hit store...

golden raspberries

Raspberries are Healthy

What are some of the foods that you should include into your diet? A one cup serving of red raspberries is very healthy, 64 calories, 8 grams of...

Apple Waste

Options to replace plastic packaging is the focus of research at Oregon State University where they are looking at recycling fruit waste from...

A row of grapes is seen inside the quasi greenhouse at the Oregon Sate University's vineyard near Alpine Oregon. Photo: Andrew Selsky, Associated Press

Inside scientists' mission to save America’s wine industry from climate change

The U.S. West Coast produces over 90% of America’s wine, but it’s also prone to wildfires — a combustible combination that spelled disaster in...

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Faces: Alyssa Thibodeau title

Alyssa Thibodeau  | Food Science & Technology | Mesa, Arizona

First-generation college student | Food and Fermentation Science Club President

Pre-Veterinary Medical Association President |  OSU Goat Club Vice President

Golden Voice Award | Local and university scholarships

Presentation award at CAS Research Poster Showcase 

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Cade Jobe | Food Science and Technology | Austin, TX

Mina McDaniel Research Scholarship in Sensory Sciences

Grant and Alice Schoenhard Research Scholarship | Jack Joyce Scholarship