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OSU Pilot Brewery Manager Jeff Clawson in Corvallis, September 2022 (KOIN)

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Hops, barley, beer: Serious research at Oregon State

Researching beer at college sounds like something that’s done at a campus bar. But Oregon State University has a brewery that’s raising a glass...


OSU researchers looking to see how wildfire smoke impacts grapes

Researchers are trying to determine what impact wildfire smoke has on the flavor of Oregon grapes and how, precisely, it happens.

Genetically modified yeast yields intense hop aromas in beer, Oregon State research finds

Oregon State University brewing researchers and a team of bioengineers have shown that a genetically modified yeast strain can alter the...

Tom H. Shellhammer

Tom Shellhammer of Oregon State Finds Fertile Ground in the Terroir of Hops

His recent published study on hop terroir backs up what brewers have known anecdotally—that where a hop is grown can have significant impact in...

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