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Raspberries are Healthy

Oregon State University researcher Neil Shay says they’ve been testing mice to see how much raspberries impact things like weight gain.


Dallas QB & OSU Beer Partnership

A former Dallas Cowboys quarterback teamed up with Oregon State University’s beer and food science departments before launching his low-calorie...

a man experiencing the aroma of whisky

Adding too much water to whiskies can make them taste the same, study suggests

Working with Elizabeth Tomasino at Oregon State University to run the sensory panel, the researchers found that at 100% whiskey, the panellists...

Pinot noir grapes at Oregon State University's Woodhall Vineyard undergoing smoke experiments. Photo: Sean Nealon.

Oregon State researchers make breakthrough in understanding the chemistry of wildfire smoke in wine

Oregon State University researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that contributes to the ashy or smoky flavors in wine made with...

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