Enology & Viticulture Faculty

Teaching and Research Faculty

Laurent Deluc

Associate Professor - Horticulture
Grape genomics and genetic engineering

Our group conduct research on functional genomics with a strong emphasis on specialty and cereal crops. We study different aspects of plant biology in the context of a developmental program and in response to abiotic and biotic stresses. Our plant models grapevine, a major fruit crop in U.S. and Brachypodium Distachyon (stiff brome) for cereal. (Read more...)


James Osborne

Professor, Enology Extension Specialist - Food Science and Technology
Wine microbiology

Wine microbiology with emphasis on malolactic fermentation and the microbial spoilage of wine. Influence of various wine microorganisms on wine quality.


Michael Qian

Professor - Food Science and Technology
Wine and grape flavor chemistry; flavor chemistry and volatile analysis

Flavor Chemistry,  Food Analysis, and Dairy chemistry. characterization of aroma compounds, chemical and biological generation in dairy, small fruits and wines. Instrumental analysis of food components.


Patricia Skinkis

Professor - Horticulture
Viticulture Extension Specialist

Whole plant physiology studies that are designed to understand vine vegetative vigor management, physiology of vine balance, and vineyard management impacts on fruit composition and wine quality. (Read more...)


Elizabeth Tomasino

Associate Professor - Food Science and Technology
Sensory analyst, wine sensory; wine flavor and mouthfeel chemistry

Relationships between wine sensory and chemical data; determination and importance of chiral aroma compounds in wine; differentiation of regional wine styles.;


Vaughn Walton

Professor - Horticulture
Horticultural entomologist

I work on economically important pests, with the aim to provide environmentally sustainable and minimal impact pest management strategies for agriculturalists. Multiple techniques are used in a whole-system approach to obtain sustainable means of production. (Read more...)


Instructor and Advisor

Glen Li

Instructor and Advisor,
Assistant Professor Senior Research



Professional Faculty

Sue Queisser

Project Manager,
Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research