WEBINAR RECORDING  November 20, 2020

A recipe can be explained as a written set of instructions for preparing a particular dish.

Described another way, a recipe may be understood as something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome… but, how likely is it? What variables affect a successful recipe?

In this presentation we will sit down with Qian Deng from PowderPure to discuss the importance of ingredients and instructions in recipe and product development.

We will also explore the path that an ingredient can take from farm to fork – understanding how manufacturing processes can help to capture seasonality all year long.

This presentation will…

  • Investigate important steps for recipe development
  • Discuss functionality of ingredients
  • Highlight the benefits of innovative processing methods
Jason Ball is a Senior Faculty Research Assistant and Culinary Project Manager at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center.


His work utilizes creative thinking, innovative techniques, and scientific principles to develop value added food and beverage products across all categories.


Previously Jason has worked in industry as a chef in Chicago, New York, London, and Copenhagen. He holds an associate degree in Hospitality Management, and a Bachelors of Culinary Science from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY).


Qian Deng (first name pronounced as [ch’ien]) is currently working for POWDERPURE-IFF as the head of Product Design and Applications.


Qian is a proud graduate of OSU’s Food Science & Technology program (MS). She has worked in the food and supplement industry for about 10 years and is still learning new knowledge about this emerging industry! She aspires to create tasty products using simple yet nutrient dense ingredients.


Outside of her day to day job, Qian is also interested in upcycling and sustainability practices, and has published in the field of upcycling agricultural byproducts with other scientists.