Farm 2 Fork - The Oregon Way

Webinar Recording April 21, 2023

BUILT logo and other Oregon food company logos

The Oregon Way

Crafted in Oregon. Built By Community.
Oregon has created some of the most iconic food and beverage brands in the world, but what makes this state such a unique place to start and scale those types of companies. This presentation will explore some of the foundational aspects of this ecosystem. 

Built Oregon looks to leverage Oregon’s deep legacy of product craftsmanship and innovation to create broad-based and equitable opportunities for entrepreneurs in consumer products.
Ultimately, our vision is a thriving, world-leading consumer products ecosystem across Oregon - One in which we help founders redefine success by placing the highest value on the people in their company and the communities where they reside.

Mitch Daugherty


Mitch Daugherty, is the Cofounder and Director of Built Oregon, a nonprofit that focuses on supporting, amplifying and connecting Oregon’s consumer product ecosystem.