Fermentation Science Faculty

Teaching and Research Faculty

Chris Curtin

Assistant Professor
Fermentation microbiology, yeast biology

Fermentation microbiology with an emphasis on brewing yeast and microbial ecology of beer production; development of new yeast strains, biology of Brettanomyces species, and the application of genomic techniques in food science.


Paul Hughes

Assistant Professor
Quality and stability of beers and distilled spirits

Beer and distilled spirit quality (taste, visual) and product stability, distilled spirits innovation including alternative methods of ethanol-water separation, accelerated- and photo-maturation of distilled spirits, and the application of ab initio computational chemistry and kinetic modeling to beer and distilled spirits problems.


James Osborne

Professor, Enology Extension Specialist
Wine microbiology

Wine microbiology with emphasis on malolactic fermentation and the microbial spoilage of wine. Influence of various wine microorganisms on wine quality.


Tom Shellhammer

Brewing chemist, beer and hops, quality and flavor

Brewing science and technologies related to beer production and quality, in particular hop chemistry, flavor and quality.


Elizabeth Tomasino

Associate Professor
Sensory analyst, wine sensory; wine flavor and mouthfeel chemistry

Relationships between wine sensory and chemical data; determination and importance of chiral aroma compounds in wine; differentiation of regional wine styles.


Instructor and Advisor

Glen Li

Instructor and Advisor,
Assistant Professor Senior Research



Professional Faculty

Jeff Clawson

Pilot Research Brewery Manager
Brewing and brewing technology



Sara Maruyama

Project Manager,
Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research