Complementary Minors - Fermentation Science Option

Be sure to declare your Minor through an advisor in that department

Food Science and Technology undergraduates are not required to take a minor; however there are minors available at Oregon State University which are particularly complementary to the B.S. Degree in Food Science & Technology: Fermentation Science Option.

These Minors are:
Business & Entrepreneurship: Any of several business minors help prepare a student for management responsibilities in a food industry career;

Also available through the College of Business is the Innovation Management Double Degree focusing on the development and commercialization of new ideas. FST Students completing this program earn a secondary degree (to the Bachelor of Science in FST) in IM.

Chemistry:  The FST required curriculum includes 31 credits of chemistry courses, distributed among general and organic chemistry and quantitative analysis. This course sequence satisfies the requirements for a Minor in Chemistry. Additional information and specific courses needed for this minor may be found in the General Catalog or by contacting the Chemistry Department, 153 Gilbert Hall. 541-737-2081.

Food Science & Technology:  The Food Manufacturing Minor (16-21 credits beyond FST major requirements) enhances the value of a Food Science and Technology degree by further developing an understanding of manufacturing operations, quality assurance, and project management. Courses are drawn from Food Science, Business Administration, Statistics and Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Required Pilot Plant Experience (FST 315) and a Food Industry Internship (FST 410), provide experiential application of food manufacturing principles. For more information about this minor you may contact Dan Smith, 541.737.2590.

Microbiology: The Minor in Microbiology consists of a core of courses plus 13 additional upper division Microbiology courses. Additional information may be found in the General Catalog. Consultation with the chief adviser in the Department of Microbiology (226 Nash Hall) is necessary for this minor. Email Linda Bruslind.

Nutrition: By taking an additional 22 credits in Nutrition (NUTR), a Food Science and Technology major can complete requirements for a Minor in Nutrition. Additional information and specific courses needed for this minor may be found in the General Catalog. Students are strongly encouraged to consult an advisor in the Department of Nutrition before undertaking this minor. 541-737-3561.

Applied Economics: Offered by the Department of Applied Economics, the Agricultural and Food Business Management Minor (consisting of 27 credits) provides tools to help a student analyze and manage agricultural businesses or organizations. Contact Head Advisor Tjodie Richardson, 541.737.1399.

Sustainability: With the increased emphasis on sustainable food production and packaging a Sustainability Double Degree or Minor is powerful extension of the sustainability emphasis in the FST major. More information: