Smoke, Wine, and Grapes Analytical Chemistry Lab

Smoke Research Facility

The new state-of-the-art research lab was designed to serve the Oregon wine industry to test for the presence of compounds associated with smoke in grapes and wine


Our aim is to provide the Oregon wine community with timely and accurate chemical analysis data so they can make decisions on potentially smoke impacted wine products.


Smoke Analysis

  • Free-phenol analysis – includes data for guaiacol, 4methylguaiacol, o/p/m-cresols
  • Bound-phenol analysis – uses acid hydrolysis to provide best estimates on total smoke phenols present

Other Chemical Analyses

  • Volatile thiol analysis – provide analysis for compounds impacting white wine flavors, such as 3-mercaptohexan-1-ol (3MH), 3-mercaptohexylacetate (3MHA), 4-methyl-4-mercaptopentan-2-one (4MMP)


  • Agilent Liquid Chromatography MS/MS
  • Agilent Liquid Chromatography – Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (LC-QToF)
  • Agilent Gas Chromatography MS/MS
  • Agilent Gas Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (GC-QToF)

Contact Information

For inquiries about other analysis not listed here contact:

Cole Cerrato, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Senior Research
Facility Manager Smoke, Wine, and Grapes Analytical Chemistry Lab


  1 sample 2-10 samples 11+ samples
Bound-Phenol Analysis $270/sample $265/sample $250/sample
Free-Phenol Analysis $225/sample $220/sample $210/sample

All costs include handling and sample and data analysis

For costs on other analysis, please fill out the form below and describe the analysis you’re interested in or contact Cole Cerrato (

How to Submit Samples

Fill out the form in the link below “Submit Samples for Analysis”
Sample Prep for:
Wines – Provide at least 50 mL of sample per varietal tested
Grapes –Freeze and provide 5-6 clusters per varietal tested

Send* or deliver** grapes/wine to:

Cole Cerrato
3051 SW Campus Way
100 Wiegand Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

*Notes for shipping: please ship any wines in accordance with your preferred shipper in sealed containers. Wines may use up to 3-day shipping. Grapes should be shipped overnight or 1-day shipping to avoid spoilage that could impact results.

**Delivery by hand of samples may occur Monday through Friday by appointment with Cole Cerrato

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